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So…. a year ago, I started a training programme with the Lisa Alger Academy (Queen of hair in Essex!) She has been such an inspiration to me since the day I met her, and she has always believed in me, even when I haven’t believed in myself.

When she suggested I entered The Kent Wedding Awards, my immediate reaction was ‘NO WAY! I am no where near ready for that!!’ But with a little encouragement (or push haha) from Lisa, I started preparing my entry.

I started gathering as many pictures of my work, testimonials from my brides I have worked with in 2019 and started working on the entry questions. The questions were the hardest bit for me, as I am the biggest self doubter you will probably ever meet.

So what did I do? I was just honest! I wrote down everything I went through with my brides, and how I want each and every bride I work with to feel on heir wedding day….. Like a beautiful princess.

So after months of blood, sweat and tears going into working on myself as a bridal hair stylist, and my brand, in October, I nervously sent off Kent Wedding Awards entry.

I didn’t tell many people I had entered the awards, as I didn’t want to have to tell everyone I got nowhere (hello self doubt!)

So I waited for judging day, hoping Id get an email letting me know I had done ok, but not ever thinking I would receive one!

As a couple of days after judging days passed, I didn’t hear anything so started to realise I didn’t get anywhere! 🙁 Told myself I wasn’t good enough, I told the few people I had told I’d entered the awards that I probably haven’t got through…..

16th October arrived, and I was putting my baby down for a nap, an email flashed up;

” CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE A FINALIST!!!!” I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, I burst into tears and jumped in the air, waking the baby of course haha. I couldn’t believe I had actually got through to the finals in one of the biggest, and well known competitions in the wedding industry!

This is by far the biggest achievement ever for me, and I honestly have worked so hard for it. It has taught me a huge lesson. Actually a couple…..

One – On the days you want to give up – DON’T!

Two – Believe in yourself!

Three – Hard work will always pay off eventually – just keep going!

I say this sitting here writing this just days away from the awards, happily accepting I won’t win as I am up against some amazing hair stylists.

Have I even prepared a winners speech?? Nope!

Should I ignore the self doubt, and listen to everyone who is telling me I need to prepare something, and do one? ~ YES!

Whether I win or not at The Kent Wedding Awards in a couple of days, I am so pleased to have got this far on my very first competition I have entered as Ashleigh Buntings hair, and I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved.

Watch this space……